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There is a lot of drama at the bee hives!

Our Freddy Mercury hive is thriving. Sadly, our Waterlily hive isn’t doing well, and it has gone queenless. All attempts on the part of the hive to requeen itself have failed. We need to intervene and introduce a new queen. This means we’ll be selecting a new queen name from our pool of bee names!

In addition, the bees have been pretty lonely so far away from home at Becker. We want to start getting Bobcats involved in our hives. The bees need your participation in a few ways:

1st, We need cash and in-kind donations: We need supplies and materials to build the enclosure and to bring the bees to Becker. Right now they live at Small Middle School, and they are really excited to move to Becker as soon as we can all get back there. We need bee suits to be ready to get people out to see the hives and for a future when we form our bee club (post-COVID safety precaution era). We need frames and boxes to add onto the hives as they grow. We will also be training Becker staff and faculty on beekeeping and enrolling participating teachers in beekeeping classes. We need funds for teacher training to ensure the continuity of the program. Donate via our GoFundMe Becker Buzz campaign page, through Venmo @GreenClassroom-Treasurer, or with PayPal at

2nd, Name a bee: If you haven’t already named any bees, send your name(s) with your donation ($1/bee name). We will be getting a new queen. And if things go well, we may actually have two new queens to name. So get your names in. Send bee name(s), kid name(s), and donations via Venmo @GreenClassroom-Treasurer or PayPal at

3rd, Meet the bees: The bees need to get to know their new community. For donations of $40 or more, or for donations of bee suits (check out our wishlist on Amazon, we’ll have you and your family come out and assist with a hive inspection and get to meet our bees in person. We have one kid suit now. If you have two or three kids and want to meet the bees, consider donating a suit (or two).

4th, Buy bee stuff: The Becker Green Classroom is selling produce from the garden to support our operations and programming at our weekly farm stand. We are selling herb sticks, calendula salve, honey shortbread cookies, and other products made by your dedicated and talented Becker Green Classroom volunteers. By purchasing calendula salve or honey shortbread cookies you support Becker’s Bees! Contact

Thank you for your support!

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Meet Freddy Mercury

Thank you for your support!

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Calendula and lavender salve

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