We are looking forward to bringing our bees home to the Becker campus this summer 2021!

If you are interested in getting involved or learning more about the bees, contact bees@beckergreenclassroom.org

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Long Live Queen Libby and Queen Z!

We had a drawing to name our two newest queens. Welcome Queen Libby and Queen Z to our apiary family.

Queen Bee Drawing, June 1, 2021

While our current reigning queens have names, there are still over 20,000 bees. That’s a lot of bees to name. Each bee name is a $1 donation. Bee names will all bee hung at the entrance of the school in September for all our Bobcats to see.

Plans are currently underway to bring the hives to Becker and have them installed by September. All funds raised will go toward building the enclosure and get our bees settled at Becker. Send donations to Venmo@GreenClassroom-Treasurer, or with PayPal at treasurer@beckergreenclassroom.org.

If you’d like to get involved with our Beckers Bees apiary program, please contact us at beckersbees@greenclassroom.org. For more information, go to https://beckergreenclassroom.org/beckersbees/.

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Becker Bees

Becker’s Bees is a joint program between Becker Elementary and Becker Green Classroom.

For information about our program, contact bees@beckergreenclass.org

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The bees got to meet some their Becker friends last summer. We can’t wait ’til they get to meet the rest of the Bobcats.

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