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Remembering Garden Classroom Founder Carla Marshall

Remembering Garden Classroom Founder Carla Marshall

Since the garden’s founding in 1989 the Becker Green Classroom’s mission has been full of hope: to facilitate environmental stewardship, wellness, and equity for Becker Elementary students and their community, in an experiential outdoor learning space. Created by...

Becker Bee Buzz 6.3: Requeening Hives?

Becker Bee Buzz 6.3: Requeening Hives?

It's been a dramatic couple of weeks, and there has been lots of activity in the hives. I believe both hives have requeened themselves. During each inspection, I check to see if we have a queen. I look for eggs, larvae, and capped brood, as well as honey. Do you see...

Broccoli (or Cauliflower) Palooza!

Did you know you could eat the whole broccoli plant? This lesson is a culinary tour of broccoli or cauliflower plants. Harvest, prepare, cook, and eat every delicious and healthy part of this plant.

Becker Bee Buzz 5.20: A Home for Our Bees

Great news! AISD has approved our site location for bees. This doesn't actually mean anything right now, but it's still exciting. We will transfer the bees to the new site once things settle down. A few things will need to happen...

Becker Bee Buzz 5.24: Meet Beemione

Becker Bee Buzz 5.24: Meet Beemione

This little lady landed on Joaquin, and he immediately recognized that it was Beemione. Our friend is a worker bees. Worker bees are hardworking ladies, and they serve many roles over the course of their short life spans. When she is young (3 to 12 days), as a nurse...

Becker Bee Buzz 5.21: All Hail Queen Freddy Mercury

We have a winner of the name-a-queen raffle! Lavender Marsh won the queen naming raffle. Her choice for queen bee name is Freddy Mercury. Meet Queen Freddy Mercury. There she is, just right of center. Her body is longer than the workers around her...

Becker Bee Buzz 5.19: Bee Names

Here is our list of named bees, just in case you can't read them on our virtual hives. I am loving these names! Beemione Honey Potter Ron Beesley Elsa Creeper Pickles Frank Jr. Butterball Cookie Beebee Honey Pizza Frank Furry Braummie James Lukas Cutee Ice cream...

Becker Bee Buzz 5.17b: Name the queen!

We have a queen to name. Let's do it Thursday! Yes, I know. I said we'd do it the first week of May, but that didn't happen. We will continue to hold the name-a-bee drive into the future. There are at least 10,000 bees in each hive. In fact, I think there are over...

Becker Bee Buzz 5.17a: A Status Report

Becker Bee Buzz 5.17a: A Status Report

I am delayed in posting the Becker Bee Buzz. Apologies. In addition to learning about bees and the super-organism called that is the hive, I've been existing in an interesting new reality merging my new homesteading persona with a hodge podge of homeschooling tech...

Becker Bee Buzz 5.3

The Becker hives look like they’re doing great! I finally found the queen for the second hive. I got a little nervous on my first two hive inspections because I didn’t see her and I didn’t see any eggs. I did see larvae and some bees emerging from their cells (photo...

Plant Adaptations

What do plants need to survive? What happens when plants find it hard to meet their needs? They adapt! Learn about the fascinating ways that plants adapt to their new or changing environments.

Apple Tasting

What do you know about apples? Where are they grown? How many varieties are there? Do they really keep the doctor away? In this lesson, students analyze, study, measure, taste and create everything apples.

Rain Water Models

Where does water go when it rains? How does water get into the ground? This lesson teaches about the aquifers and where water run off goes. Requires onsite water model. Contact us to learn how you can create a dynamic water model station.

Five Senses in the Garden

Students practice the five senses while taking a sensory exploration of the garden or outdoor space.

Parts of a Plant

We can eat the whole plant! Students learn about the different parts of the plant and snack on healthy foods as they create (and eat) their own plant.

Smoothies (Any Greens)

Students experiment making smoothies with seasonal greens from the garden.

Amaranth Plants

Amaranth is indigenous to the Americas. It was once a staple in the food cultures of pre-Colombian people from Mexico to Peru. It is gluten-free, rich in protein, and an overall amazing plant. In this lesson, student harvest this “weed”, learn about its uses and history, and prepare healthy snacks.

Designing and Preparing The Garden Bed

Tags: All-Seasons, All-Grades, Planting seeds, planting transplants, garden layout, garden design Time : 30 mins Author: Kristin Adams Link  OUTLINE  Greeting and Review SONG: Sing and motion “Dig, dig, dig the earth, then we plant our seeds. Gentle rain and warm...

Life Cycle of a Butterfly – Pre-K-1st

Life Cycle of a Butterfly Tags: Prek, kinder, 1st grade, raining day, inside, butterfly, life cycles, Spring, Fall, Summer Time : 45 minutes Author:  Mary Catherine, her complete lesson is posted here. Greeting and Review Start class in your usual place/way Ask the...

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