Garden Activities

Garden Activities have been provided to assist garden teachers with garden class planning.  The AISD science curriculum for K-5th grade is divided into five categories: (1) inquiry, (2) force, motion & energy, (3) sun, earth & moon systems, (4) dynamic earth, and (5) organisms & environments.  Each grade covers these five general categories, in this order, each year, with the content growing more detailed in the higher grades.  Ideas are grouped below by AISD science curriculum category.  Most can be adapted for use in a range of grades.  For AISD’s detailed description of these categories, by grade, see the Science Curriculum tab.

Garden leaders have often found it useful to split their class into groups and have half of the class working in the garden while the other half does one of the activities below.  These activities are also useful for those times where there isn’t much actual work to do in your garden.

You will find a sample curriculum for kinder in PDF form below which can be adapted for higher grades as they general categories remain the same.

Example Kinder BGC Lesson Plan Based on Science Curriculum

INQUIRY (observation, collecting data, scientific method, scientific tools, senses)

SCIENCE MATTERS (matter – solid, liquid, gas; mixtures; physical properties; classification)

SUN, EARTH & MOON SYSTEMS (solar system, climate change, oceans, water cycle, seasons/weather, earth’s rotation, gravity)

DYNAMIC EARTH (rocks, soils, fossils, earth’s surface and land forms, alternative energy, use of natural resources)

ORGANISMS & ENVIRONMENTS (organisms:  needs, growth, interaction, inhereited traits; ecosystems; food chains; plant parts; life cycles)


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