Herb Garden

Herbs are short for Herbaceous plants in Botony. 


Herb Garden

Herbaceous plants (Herbs) most often are low growing plants, relative to woody plants like trees, and tend to have soft green stems. They have been used for centuries for medicinal, culinary, sacred and herbal purposes. They are easiest to grow and can survive in partial sun unlike most fruit bearing vegetables.

It is one of the favorite places in the garden to explore and teaches the children:

  • Culinary Uses – Herbs grown in the garden are used for making herb infused water, salad with herb dressing etc., giving children the opportunities to experiment with the herbs in the garden
  • Community – The herb garden is one of the communal garden space where the children learn to share responbililites of taking care of the plants by watering them regularly and sharing the harvest as it is one of the places that has ‘OK To Eat’ sign.
  • Safety – The structure is a favorite for practicing gross motor skills among the children and is an area where they practice their physical limits while following the safety rules on the garden.
  • Medicianal Uses – Herbs in the past have been used to make natural bug repellent, foot soaks, pressed art etc., which exposes the children to the variety of uses of the herbs

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