Environmental Models

“Seven learning sytles – Visual, Verbal, Aural, Physical, Logical, Social, Solitary”


Environmental Models

There are seven different learning techniques and using different techniques gives opportunities to the children to see what works best for them. We have onsite few live demonstrations of different gardening techniques and environmental models. Adults and children have fun with the models onsite.

  • Hugelkultur – is a horticultural technique where a mound constructed from decaying wood debris and other compostable biomass plant materials is later (or immediately) planted as a raised bed. This technique helps to improve soil fertility, water retention, and soil warming, thus benefiting plants grown on or near such mounds. This project was done in 2016 by our own fourth-grade bobcats.
  • Rain Garden – We have a rain garden at the front entrance of the main building. This was built by City of Austin, Watershed Department. There is a poster which explains what makes a rain garden and advantages of a rain garden
  • Soak in Run Off Model – Children can learn by live demonstration which is a best option to soak the water so the acquifiers can be recharged eventually by the rain water. The children run the water through different containers each having native plants, construction site, street and grass yard and learn how the water runs-off through each of the sites. This gives a visual clue on what is best for water run 0ff.
  • Watershed Model – There is a watershed model which demonstrates to the children how common pollutants travel from our houses to the drains, creeks and eventually to the acquifers. They can use colored water to see the water flow.



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