Our Partners


City of Austin, Watershed Protection Department, Youth Education:   compost sieves, garden tools, seeds, plants, outdoor sink, hoses, rainbarrels and rainbarrel retrofit, pond pump, watershed models
Ronald Dittmar, CPA: Provides on-going accounting and tax consultation and services
Austin Pond Society:  Funded pond lining, volunteers help with pond maintenance
About Thyme:  Donated seeds to the Green Classroom
Shoal Creek Nursery:  Donated seeds to the Green Classroom
Landers Studio:  Provided sawdust for pathway mulch
The Great Outdoors:  Offers Becker Green Classroom a discount
La Boite Cafe:  Provided pastries for March Workday 2010 and
                      Garden Leader Orientation, 2010 and 2011
Once Over:  Provided coffee for March Workday, 2010, Garden Leader Orientation, 2011, and Garden Leader Orientation, 2015
Hot Jumbo Bagels:  Provided bagels for Garden Leader Orientation, 2011
Rockstar Bagels: Provided bagels for Garden Leader Orientation , 2013
Thai Fresh:  Provided breakfast burritos and pastries for Garden Leader Orientation, 2015
Violet Mae Gardens: Helped maintain pond and keep in working order, 2015
Taylormade Waterscapes: Donated labor for installation of new pond pump, 2016
Rock N Dirt Yard: Donated rocks for pond, 2016

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