Pollinator Playground

Pollinator Garden

Every three bites of food you eat is there because of pollinators. Many pollinators populations are in decline in recent days for various reasons.
Our Pollinator Playground was created by Ms. Rodriquez’s 2018-2019 Kindergarden class to attract pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds to the garden space for up-close studying. By inviting these tiny helpers to the Becker Green Classroom, we increase both our spring and summer produce yield and the health of our beneficial insect population.
While the garden is a win-win for the insects and our bellies, the primary purpose of this project was to study the different flower shapes and colors that pollinators are attracted to. although we never witnessed a hummingbird, we almost immediately noticed butterflies and bees enjoying their new buffet of blue borage, rainbow zinnias, yellow mammoth sunflowers, fennel, and black and blue salvia, to name a few. The garden also includes a bee and bug “hotel” to provide shelter for our welcomed guests.

This space offers the children to learn about:

  • Environmental Stewardship – Teaching the children they can the “Be the change” by participating in programs where they can increase the pollinator population.
  • Science of Pollination –  What is pollination and why it is needed and how it is done and it’s benefits to us.
  • Parts of a flower – Male Parts – Stamen(Anther, Filament), Female Parts – Pistil (Stigma, Style, ovary), Petals and Sepal
  • Ecosystem – Pollinators support our ecosystem by stabilizing the soil, protecting from severs weather and supporting other wildlife





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