Aquaculture Pond

Garden ponds help children better understand the natural ecosystems around them and learn how to help and protect them.


As part of a EPA grant in 1996 the Green Classroom forged an environmental education partnership–a Junior/Senior Alliance–between elementary school children and adults in Austin, Texas. Both adults and children from the community worked on environmental issues and exhibits. As part of this alliance a team of 5th grade students worked with their mentor, Peter Lohman to research, design, and build the pond. They not only worked on the mechanisms, design of the ponds but learnt the importance of community as several people contributed to building the project. We still see some of the tiles the children made to thank their supporters.

Today, with help of lot of volunteers and supporters the pond adds beauty to the garden, creates a peaceful sitting area, and supports the life of aquatic plants and animals and create a environment to learn. This space offers the children to learn about:

  • EcoSystems – Through a three-tiered pond the children learn the importance of flowing water and the co-dependency of the aquatic plants and animals and natural ways to control mosquito problems.
  • Fish and Amphibians –  The children watch the tadpoles and learn their  lifecyles through different learning materials available at the pond.
  • Eco-diversity – It is not just a space for the fishes and frogs but you notice dragonflies and birds which can teach the kids that different creatures seek water sources especially in the hot and dry months of summer
  • Safety – To be safe around the water and not to step into the pond.
  • Caring – Caring for the life forms in the pond by not disturbing their habitat





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