Rainwater Harvesting

Water is a precious resource that needs to be conserved

Rainwater Harvesting

The rainwater harvesting system was built as part of the City of Austin’s cleanup of East Bouldin Creek. City of Austin’s was intenting that children from the school will help others in the community to catch on with water conservation . Scott Lockhart of Rain Harvest designed and installed the system intented to be used for watering the gardens.

Through this process the children learn.

  • Water ConservationThe rain water which normally drains into our creeks can be stored and used later to water the gardens
  • Water Sources – Most of the cities get their drinking water from rainwater falling into local lakes and streams which creates a water resorvoir through dams for later use
  • Mathematical concepts –   To estimate and measure the amount of rainfall.
  • Scientific Studies –  Doing scientific studies by comparing the difference in growth of the plants between rainwater and city water.
  • Community Teachers – Spreading the importance of rainwater harvesting in the community
  • Artists – Children can learn that art can be done on anything from a piece of dried leaf to rainbarrels and not just a canvas or paper
  • Water Cycle – Understand the water cycle and water run-off and water pollution.




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