About Us

About The Green Classroom

Created in 1989, the Green Classroom has a proven track record of developing innovative programs to peak students’ interest in learning.  It has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the Texas Governor’s Clean Texas 2000 Award, The President’s Environmental Youth Award, and the Renew America Award for Environmental Sustainability and Natural Resource Conservation.
Currently, the Becker Green Classroom serves students at Becker Elementary, as well as students from other schools who participate in the following programs:

·      Austin Department of Watershed Protection’s Earth Camp: a water quality field study program for 5th graders from low-income schools;

·      Austin Department of Watershed Protection’s Earth School: an outreach program for 5th graders using watershed models to teach the effects of pollution on water resources

·      Keep Austin Beautiful’s Green Teen:  after-school training program in horticulture, urban ecology and sound environmental practice for teens thirteen and older

·      Keep Austin Beautiful’s  Green Stewards Camp:  two-day outdoor environmental education camp focuses on Austin watersheds, the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer, water quality, recycling, litter impact, green gardening including native plants, beneficial bugs and compost, and other related topics.


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