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Apple Tasting

Apple Tasting Tags: Apple tasting, Fall, Outdoor, Indoor, k-2, Anytime, bar graphs, taking polls, measuring, counting Time : 40 mins (Time to complete the task) Author: Lynda Boudreault   Outline Greeting and Review ●        Start in the same space as usual. ●       ...

Rain Water Models

Rain Water Models Tags: Rain Water, Aquifer, ground water, pollution, Outdoor, All-Grades, Anytime Time : 30 mins Author: Lynda Boudreault, based on Earth Camp lesson plans Note: This lesson best follows lessons about the water cycle. Outline Greeting and Review...

Amaranth Plants

Amaranth Plants Tags: Amaranth, Outdoor, Indoor, All-Grades, Fall Time : 30 mins (Time to complete the task) (10-15 min group activities, rotated) Author: Lynda Boudreault  Intro: This is a great class if you’re noticing amaranth “weeds” in the garden. They are edible...

Five Senses in the Garden

Tags: Class Ideas, All-Seasons, Outdoor, Kinder, Pre-K, First, Fall, Anytime, Science, Experiment, Outdoor Time : 35 mins Author: Sameera Balay. Outline Greeting and Review Start in the same space if possible for every class (ex: The Circle, Pond, Back benches) Main...

Parts of a Plant

Parts of a Plant  Tags: Class Ideas, All-Seasons, Outdoor, Pre-k, kinder, 1st grade, Fall, Anytime, parts of a plant Time : 45 mins Outline Greeting and Review Meet in your regular spot. Review what was done in your last class. Main Lesson  Discuss parts of a plant....

Smoothies (Any Greens)

Smoothies (Any Greens) Tags: smoothies, food, inside, rainy day, pre-k, kinder, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, any season Time : 30 minutes   Outline Greeting and Review Greet students in their regular spot.  Review last weeks lesson. Ask kids: Who likes fruit and...

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