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Ojos de Dios : Yarn Craft

Time : 45 minutes


Greeting and ReviewMeet in your regular meeting place.
Main Lesson Ojo de Dios
Activity 1 Craft: Ojos de Dios
Materials Needed: sticks or craft sticks, various colored yarn
Activity 2Garden Maintenance
Materials Needed:  watering cans
External ReferencesWikipedia – God’s eye
Instructions for Ojos de Dios by Be Brave and Get going
Ojos de Dios

Ojos de Dios Background Information

“A God’s eye or Ojos de Dios is a spiritual object made by weaving a design out of yarn upon a wooden cross. Often several colors are used and are commonly found in Mexican American communities, among both indigenous and Catholic people.

Ojos de Dios are common in the Pueblos of New Mexico. Often they reflect a confidence on all seeing Providence. Some believers think the spiritual eye of the Ojos de Dios has the power to see and understand things unknown to the physical eye. During the Spanish colonial times in Mew Mexico from the 16th to the 19th centauries, Ojos de Dios were placed where people worked, or where they walk along a trail.

In Mexico, the center was created when a child was born. Each year a bit of yarn was added until the child turned five. This is when the eye would be complete.

In Bolivia, Ojos de Dios were made to be placed on an altar so that gods could watch over the praying people and protect them.

ACTIVITY 1: Make an Ojos de Dios

  1. Each student needs two sticks and yarn of a variety of colors.
  2. Begin by tying the sticks together in the center over and over to form a sturdy X. The more you weave the sturdier it will be. 
  3. The next part is tricky at first but then becomes easier.  Follow the instructions found here.
  4. Students can hang them around the garden or take them home. 

ACTIVITY 2: Garden Maintenance

  1. Water as needed
  2. Harvest and/or weed


Wikipedia – God’s eye
Instructions for Ojos de Dios by Be Brave and Get going
Ojos de Dios

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