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What is your volunteer super power?

The Becker Green Classroom is often referred to as the “gold standard” of Austin’s school gardens. When asked the secret to our success, our response is, “It couldn’t be done without our volunteers and community partners who want to give back.” Whether it is a one time commitment or something more long term, we provide volunteer opportunities to meet your level of involvement.

What is your volunteer super power? Becker Green Classroom volunteers make up our board and steering committee, lead, co-lead and assist with garden classes, act as grade level and activity coordinators, water, weed, help with special projects, clean and organize the indoor classroom, maintain the pond, organize events, take photos and videos, help with communications, marketing, fundraising, identify and apply for grants, type documents, send email, enter data, scan documents, write blog posts, update and maintain the website, attend garden work days, paint, create, and so much more.

What Becker Green Classroom Volunteers Do…

Garden Class lead 

Lead a Becker elementary class of 20-24 students in an activity in the garden or activity room. Volunteers   work with the same class during a regularly scheduled time on a weekly basis.

Gardening experience is helpful but, not  necessary.

(1 year commitment) 

Garden Class Volunteer

Support the Garden Class Lead Volunteer by regularly attending weekly classes, helping plan activities and supervising children in the garden during scheduled class time. If there are two or more volunteers per class they can rotate each week to accomidate less flexible scheules.

(1 year or semester committment)

Grade Level Lead

Support Garden Class Leads and their volunteers in your assigned grade level with activity ideas, attend monthly Activity Planning Happy Hour and help communicate Green Classroom information to grade level volunteers.

(1 year commitment)

Group Events

Looking for a team building opportunity or a service project? We are open to businesses, organizations, and other groups who would like to be active in the community. Led by our Staff Volunteer Coordinator, we have opportunities for small and large teams to work in the garden and last anywhere from 2-5 hours.

Steering Committee Leads 

(1 year commitment) 

Steering Committee Volunteers

(1 year commitement)

Board of Directors

(2 year committment)



With Your Help, We are Making The World a Better Place


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