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Time: 60 mins (This can be divided into 2 to 3 classes. Or choose a few activities).

Author: The Bee Cause and Whole Kids Foundation (


Greeting and Intro to Lesson
  • Start in the usual way
Activity 1 (10 min)
  • Talk about the different bees that live in the hive and the different stages of the worker bees life.
Activity 2 (20 min)
  • Read the Magic School Bus (also available in Spanish)
  • Convert the class into a bee hive by assigning bee roles. Follow instructions in handout
Activity 3 (20 min)
  • Pheromone experiment.
  • None (Allow 5-8 mins for any cleanup)  
  • 2-3 minutes to say goodbye
External References Honey bee landing zone video:


Nasonov gland:

The alarm pheromone

Worksheets 01a_InsideTheHive_IntroNotes



01b_InsideTheHIve_BecomeABeehive_ho1 (1)


It is a good idea to split the class into smaller groups and rotate activities, if possible.


Garden Rules

  1. Walking feet only. (No running in the garden.)
  2. Stay on the pathways and stepping stones. (No stepping in the planting beds.)
  3. No climbing in the herb planters 
  4. Listen in a respectful way.
  5. Stay with your teacher. 

ACTIVITY 1: Inside the beehive (01a_InsideTheHive_IntroNotes.pdf)

  1. Ask questions (from pg 6): 

Who has seen a honey bee?

Has anyone heard stories or seen movies about bees?

Has anyone ever seen a queen bee?

  1. Share fun facts about bees (pg 6)

ACTIVITY 2 : Become a Beehive (01b_InsideTheHive_BecomeABeehive.pdf)

Part One:

  1. Read the Magic School Bus (also available in Spanish)
  2. Follow instructions in handout

Part Two:

  1. Show students the worker bee chart.
  2. Tell the students you are going to turn the class into a bee hive. Follow instructions on the handout. (Also use the comparison chart 01b_InsideTheHIve_BecomeABeehive_ho1.pdf)

ACTIVITY 3: Pheromones Experiment (01c_InsideTheHive_Pheromones.pdf)

  1. Bees use smells to communicate. Discuss; watch pheromones video; watch nasonov video.
  2. Follow instructions on handout. Materials are available in Green Classroom. Please notify supplies committee when running low on supplies.

CLEANUP & GOODBYE (Include Cleanup and Goodbye)

  • Wrap up class.


The Bee Cause:

Whole Kids Foundation

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