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Time : 45 minutes



Greeting and ReviewMeet in your regular place.If during Hispanic Heritage Month – ask, “What is special about this time of year? What are some things we can do to celebrate? Explain that today they will be making Mexican art using the garden as inspiration.
Main Lesson Mexican Folk Art
Activity 1 Amate Art Materials Needed: brown paper bags in rectangular pieces, Black markers, Bright tempera paints  – dots paints for younger ones is a great substitute, Examples of real amate paintings
Activity 2Work in the gardenMaterials Needed: watering cans, gloves
External ReferencesReal pictures of Amate

ACTIVITY 1 : Mexican Folk Art

Using this site Here, give a brief history of amate (pronounced “ah-MAH-tay”) and the art drawn on it.

Show some examples of some amate art like the ones here.  You can ask these questions to get the kids talking and thinking.

  • Can the students find any common themes in the paintings?
  • What are common figures that are painted?
  • What color is the background?
  • Are there certain colors that are used more?
  • What do they notice about the technique of the paintings?

Explain that they will be making their own Mexican Folk Art. For older children you can have them crush the brown bags first and then smooth out to give the canvas texture. 

  • Using the markers they can draw flowers, birds and animals. For the younger students, you can have pre drawn items. 
  • Paint inside the drawings with bright colors, using white to accent their creations. 

ACTIVITY 2 : Garden Maintenance

Have the students water and weed your garden plot.


Mexican Art coloring pages found here.


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