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Over the last month there has been some magic happening in the garden! There have been so many great lessons and activities, and the classroom beds look amazing!  

Now that seeds and plants are in the ground, you might find that there is not much to actually do in your garden bed.  This is the time to water, weed, and watch the magic happen!  Take this opportunity to do other garden related activities.  If you are ever stuck for ideas, don’t forget to check out the Becker Green Classroom Website.  You can find lesson plans and links to other websites that also have great activities. 

Here are a few ideas for the last couple of weeks for October and into November. Remember, you can make your lessons as laid back or vigorous as you like.  It doesn’t matter what the activity or lesson is, the kiddos just love being in the garden! Have fun and happy growing!

  • Track the weather and plant growth
  1. Take note of the temperature each week and graph it with the class
  2. Measure your plants weekly and note how tall the have grown
  • For Hispanic Heritage Month
  1. Ojos de dios yarn craft to hang in the garden,
  2.  Aztec Calendar 
  3. Mexican Folk Art: Amate Paintings
  4. Native Birds of Central Texas – Bird Feeders (PreK-1st Grade)
  5. Native Birds of Central Texas – Bird Feeders (2-5 Grade)
  • Start a garden journal -We had the kiddos make a cover page on a half sheet paper which we added paper to. Then using twine we fastened the paper together. These are great to use for drawing, observing, and recording.
  • Study Leaves
  1. Leaf Investigation PreK-1st Grade  
  2. Leaf Chromatography
  3. Use leaves to study symmetry (any grade)
  4. Best Autumn Hairstyles with leaves
  5. Leaf Rubbings
  6. Leaf art
  7. Fall Paper Plate Leaf Wreaths
  • Pumpkin Fun
  1. Carve some pumpkins and then leave it in your garden to rot
  2. Volcanic pumpkins are always a hit
  3. Pumpkin Science
  4. Decorate a small pumpkin with markers, stickers and paint (I saw some really cute white ones at Trader Joes)
  • Dia de los Muertos celebrations:
  1.  Make paper flowers: Dia de los muertos:Marigold Flowers (it looks like the Becker altar will be on the front porch of the Green Classroom this year and we are hoping to decorate the garden with as many paper flowers as we can make – some classes have already started)
  2. Paint rocks: Sugar Skull Rocks
  3. DIY Nicho Boxes
  4. Make papel picado to hang around the garden
  • Soil Studies
  1. Introduction to Compost
  2. Composting
  3. Look at worms and/or make a wormery
  4. Take a deeper look in the soil with a magnifying lens and have the kiddos draw or write about what they see – living, nonliving, organic, non organic
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