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Time : 50 mins 

Author: Vicki DeBusk 


Greeting and Review

  • Meet in your normal spot.
  • Ask students – “Has anyone heard of Dia del los Muertos? When is it celebrated? Why is it celebrated?”
  • Explain that today we will be making marigold flowers that are typically displayed at Day of the Dead altars and also agua de jamaica – hibiscus water (tea).

Main Lesson 

  • Dia de los Muertos

Activity 1 

  • Make marigold flowers
  • Materials Needed: green pipe cleaners, orange napkins (one or more per student), scissors, a real orange marigold flowers (this is optional- used to show the students the flower and their petals)

Activity 2 

  • Make Agua de Jamaica (Hibiscus water/tea)
  • Materials Needed: class set of cups, water, 2 cups of dried hibiscus petals, one cinnamon stick, cloves, nutmeg, allspice, chopped piloncillo (Mexican brown sugar cane), **you could also just use hibiscus tea bags found at most grocery stores


  • Put all supplies away 
  • Clean cups


  • While lining up, ask students who they might honor at their altar for Dia de los Muertos.

External References

How to make a paper flower for  Dia de los Muertos. Click here.

Homeschool Superfreak

Day Of The Dead Facts

Agua de Jamaica (hibiscus tea) Recipe

Worksheets(Please email the worksheet separately)

Dia de los muertos coloring sheets

It is a good idea to split the class into smaller groups and rotate activities.  Half the class can be outside and the other half inside.

ACTIVITY 1: Make Marigolds 

Give a brief description of why marigolds are used at altars using the information from Day Of The Dead Facts. Show students the real marigold flower and pull off some of the petals to show that these are used as well as the  flower.

  1. Each student needs an orange napkin, green pipe cleaner and scissors
  2. Demonstrate how to make their own paper marigold as shown on the video here.
  3. Help as needed.  Students can make as many as time permits.

Encourage students to raise their hand and ask questions if they are unsure about something or need help. 


You can make small or large marigolds.

ACTIVITY 2 : Make Agua de Jamaica – hibiscus water/tea. 

This is a popular drink for Day of the Dead celebrations.  Due to time this should be made ahead but you can have all the ingredients to show the students what goes into the drink. 

  1. Have students take turns and help measure out the ingredients per this recipe found here. And also smell the spices.
  2. Have students taste Agua de Jamaica (premade one).




How to make a paper flower for  Dia de los Muertos. 

Homeschool Superfreak

Day Of The Dead Facts

Agua de Jamaica (hibiscus tea) Recipe

Worksheet Links

Dia de los muertos coloring sheets

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