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Time : 40 minutes

Author: Vicki DeBusk 


Greeting and ReviewMeet in usual spot.
Ask students, “Where do trees come from? How big are trees? Do you have a favorite tree? What do you know about trees?” 
Explain that today we are going to learn about the parts of as tree.
Main Lesson Investigate and identify parts of a tree.
Activity 1Parts of a Tree 
Materials Needed: white board to draw tree for example, journals, pencils, colored pencils or crayons, magnifying lens – enough for each student  
Activity 2Work in the garden
Materials Needed: watering cans, gloves, brooms
Cleanup Put away all supplies
GoodbyeAs students line up, ask them to name a part of the tree and explain its purpose.
External ReferencesNone

This activity can be completed as a whole class or you can divide the class in 2 groups and rotate.

ACTIVITY 1: Parts of a Tree 

  1. Using a white board or large piece of paper, draw a tree like the one above.  Ask the students to help label the tree.
  2. Have students go into the garden and find one of the trees. Next, have them draw the tree in their journal and label the parts of the tree. 
  3. Have the students use the magnifying lens to look more closely at the bark of the tree and draw it in their journal.
  4. Extension: Students could write a quite story from the point of view of the tree.

Encourage students to raise their hand and ask questions if they are unsure about something.

ACTIVITY 2 : Work in the garden

  1. Water plants
  2. Weed
  3. Sweep and tidy up the garden.


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