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Mr. ReRucha’s 2nd grade class embarked on a project that included drawing and writing about their favorite garden activities of the year. In addition to writing, revising, and editing their work, they also typed their writing into the computer and uploaded their images to the blog page.

Their work, shown below, is our first Green Classroom blog post by Becker students. We hope to see many more interesting garden blog articles in the future!

Have a nice, safe and fun summer!


I planted same tomatoes. I water my plants. It was so fun. Last garden I planted milkweed with Mr. ReRucha.



IMG_2314My favorite thing this year is when we got to go bug hunting. I found a giant beetle. I also found an ant colony. I saw a roly-poly civilization. That’s what I liked the most this year.




My favorite thing to do was exploring the pond. Another thing is to water the plants with a friend.




My favorite thing is looking at the fish and I Like bug hunting too.




My favorite thing to do in the garden was making the salad. I also liked eating the salad, it was good really good!




My favorite thing in the green garden is when we made a salad in the class. Another thing is when we planted things like flowers in the class.



I liked bug hunting because I like finding roly-poly and getting my hands dirty. I like scooping  the fish. Last but not least eating with the group.




I like bug-hunting. My favorite part bug-hunting is that I get to lift up rocks, finding worms and June bugs. Finding bugs is very fun.




My favorite activity is exploring the pond because I want to catch fish.  I also want to catch a tadpole, and like exploring the place. I like exploring the bugs.




I love planting flower and vegetables. It is fun finding insects.  I remember planting milkweed. The thing I most like is watering the garden. The tadpoles are hard to find.



IMG_2315My favorite thing was planting carrots. I  also liked  putting  the dirt in the wagon. I liked seeing the tadpoles in the water.




I love bug hunting because I like finding bugs. I like eating. I LOVE finding pill bug civilizations.



Chloe My favorite thing to do in the green garden is to explore the pond. I like to feel the water. I like to use my senses. I like to help with the garden.




I liked it when we made paper pots with paper mache. I was in a group with my friends and my mom. Then we planted plants in the paper pots. I enjoyed planting and making the pots.




I like flowers. I liked apple-tasting. I liked writing in the garden.




My favorite thing I did this year is a lot of stuff and planting flowers and having people play bug-hunting with me and exploring the garden.




I like bug-hunting because it’s fun. I like fishing in the pond. I like eating food.




The one thing I like about the Green Garden is that we get to look for bugs and insects and we get to make food.


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