Green Classroom Volunteer Training

DSCN2645Hello Green Classroom Volunteers!

Please join us for our Green Classroom Volunteer Training
Saturday, October 11, 9:00 am to noon. 

We gave you an introduction to the program at the orientation in September. This time we’ll go into more detail about leading the garden classes and planning activities.  You’ll have an opportunity to work with volunteers who have your same age group, and maybe even plan some activities together.  If you would like, some of you may want to bring your laptops to access resources during the small group discussions.

Here’s the agenda for the training:

9:00-9:45 —    Instruction in use of garden site (sheds, tools, compost, cisterns, etc.)
9:45-10:00 —  Break  with coffee and bagels
10:00-10:30 — Introduction to Garden Classes
10:30-10:50 — Fun Tips for Class Management
10:50-12:00 — Small Group Planning by Age Group

We look forward to seeing you on the 11th!
Green Classroom Steering Committee

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