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Smoothies (Any Greens)

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Time : 30 minutes



Greeting and Review
  • Greet students in their regular spot.  Review last weeks lesson.
  • Ask kids: Who likes fruit and vegetables? What is your favorite fruit and/or vegetable?  Can you drink fruit? Can you drink a vegetable? Today we are going to trying drinking our fruits and vegetables.
Main Lesson Smoothies
Activity 1 Make smoothies.

Materials needed:

  • leafy green vegetable like kale
  • various fruits and/or vegetables
  • almond milk
  • cups
  • chopping board
  • kid friendly knives/choppers


Activity 2 Work in the Garden

Materials needed –

  • watering cans
  • shovels


Cleanup  Allow 5 minutes for cleanup.
Goodbye 1-2 minutes to say goodbye


External References None
Worksheets None




The day before, tell students to bring a piece of fruit or vegetable to garden class.  Also use any vegetable from the garden if they are ready to harvest.

  • Set up 4 tables with a blender at each table.
  • Have the students wash their fruit/vegetable.
  • Help prepare the fruit/vegetable for the smoothie – peel or chop up – students can do this at their tables.
  • With help of the students, add various fruits and/or vegetables to the blender plus a banana. Add almond milk or some other liquid.  You can also add ice  – frozen fruit works well too.
  • Pour into cups and taste.


Work in the garden. Water and weed as needed.



Students could make a poster or label to advertise the smoothie they just made.



Put all supplies away.



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