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Tags: Class Ideas, All-Seasons, Outdoor, Pre-k, kinder, 1st grade, Fall, Anytime, parts of a plant

Time : 45 mins

Greeting and Review
  • Meet in your regular spot.
  • Review what was done in your last class.
Main Lesson 
  • Discuss parts of a plant.
Activity 1 
  • Ask, “Can we eat a whole plant?”
  • Read Plants Feed Me by Lizzy Rockwell or Tops and Bottoms by Janet Stevens
  • Materials Needed: Book Plants Feed Me by Lizzy Rockwell or Tops and Bottoms by Janet Stevens; edible foods that represent every part of the plant like broccoli florets (flower), sunflower seeds, celery (stalk/stem), spinach (leaves), carrots (roots); bowls or plates to hold the produce; strawberry or some other fruit; ranch dressing (optional)
Activity 2


  • Say, “Today we are going to eat all the parts of a plant.”
  • Have students move to tables where they will have different fruit, vegetables and seeds ready to construct their plant.
  • Help them identify which parts of a plant are on their plate before they begin.
  • Have students make a plant using these items.  It is helpful for younger grades to have a drawing of a plant they can use as a guide (see link below).
  • Check for understanding by having the student explain which part of the plant they are eating.
  • Encourage students to raise their hand and ask questions if they are unsure about something.
Activity 3


  • Use this time to water and weed the garden as necessary.
  • Take food scraps to compost.
Cleanup 3 minutes put all tools and supplies away.
Good bye 1 minute
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