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We have a queen to name. Let’s do it Thursday! Yes, I know. I said we’d do it the first week of May, but that didn’t happen. We will continue to hold the name-a-bee drive into the future. There are at least 10,000 bees in each hive. In fact, I think there are over 20,000 in the second hive, so there are a lot of bees to name. Check out our virtual hives!

These are the names we’ve received. For a chance to name the queen of hive two, name a bee. Or 20. Or 100. $1 per bee. Send your bee name(s), your (or your children’s) bee names and your corresponding donation via Venmo @GreenClassroom-Treasurer or paypal to And make sure to write BEES somewhere in the subject line.

On Thursday, May 21st my beek sidekick will pull one of these names out of some container I find around my house. The person who submitted the chosen name, will then be able to choose a name for the queen. (It’s almost like the Never Ending Story! But not quite.) Good luck!


Hive 1



Hive 2



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