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Here is our list of named bees, just in case you can’t read them on our virtual hives. I am loving these names!

Beemione Honey Potter Ron Beesley
Elsa Creeper Pickles
Frank Jr. Butterball Cookie
Beebee Honey Pizza
Frank Furry Braummie
James Lukas Cutee
Ice cream Sundae Nectarey Meady Ohre Bee
Freddie Mercury Demeter Buzzter Keaton
Hunter Carter Gracey
Kelsie Stephanie Lottie Bee
Artie Bee Pchelka Dr. Jacobee
David Beeanculli Tori Spelling Bee Pooh
Beeyore Lizzy Bee Arthur
Florence Honey Aisha
Castiel Bebuzz Hexagon
Floreciente Puppy Elliot
Wanheda PhoeBee Lexi
Jeremy Melissa Joe
Ganymead Beetleguese Lady Waterlily
Falcor Gerry Dolores
Nancy Nubia Ga-Bee
Barnabee Willoughbee Anjelica
Stripes Buzzarton Beelijah
Sebeestian Elebeeanna Bob
Honeybee Johnny Rebeekah
Nana Bee Fairy Bee Buzzy
Bee-yonce Ko-bee Bee-toven
Bee-jamin Franklin Honey Bee Jelly Bee
Bumble Sting Bee-tles
Buzz Lightyear Buzz Aldrin Bee-n-cheese
Bee & Jerry’s Bee-cker Valerie Bee-chers
Harambee Beethoven Tobee
Cardi-Bee Beevo Timmy
Stingy McSting Face Queen Elizabee the First Bubble Bee
Ms Buzzy Timmy Two Sir Buzz A Lot
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