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We have a winner of the name-a-queen raffle! Lavender Marsh won the queen naming raffle. Her choice for queen bee name is Freddy Mercury.

Meet Queen Freddy Mercury. There she is, just right of center. Her body is longer than the workers around her and her stripes are less pronounced.Queen2zoom

She is queen of hive 2, the blue and green hive. Lady Waterlily is the queen of hive 1, the yellow hive.


We will continue to hold the name-a-bee fundraiser indefinitely. After all, there are thousands of bees in our hives. If you think of any cool names, please donate and submit your names. In the event that we need to name a new queen, either because our queen has been superseded or if we split the hives, we will hold another name-the-queen raffle and all names submitted from this point on will be included in that raffle.

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