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Great news! AISD has approved our site location for bees. This doesn’t actually mean anything right now, but it’s still exciting. We will transfer the bees to the new site once things settle down. A few things will need to happen to make the transfer happen. First, the bees will need to be stable, content, and established. So definitely in the fall. I’ll need to make sure that the hive isn’t about to swarm and that they are strong. Second, we will need to recruit someone with a pick-up truck who is willing to accompany me in the dead of night to secure, transfer, and relocate our buzzing friends. This will be quite the adventure, and I have no doubt that some adventurous Bobcat will be eager to help. Third, we will have to have the site prepped and the enclosure built. That will require funds, materials, and Bobcat-power at a safe time when we can coordinate a social distanced community build. So stay tuned. And I’ll be reaching out looking for adventure seekers and community builders when the time is right!
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