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Broccoli (or Cauliflower) Palooza!

Tags: broccoli (or cauliflower), Winter, Spring, Outdoor, Indoor, All-Grades,

Time : 30 mins (Time to complete the task), 10 minute groups

Author: Lynda Boudreault

Intro: This is a tasting class that involves harvesting, food prep, serving, and cleaning up.


Greeting and Review●        Greet class in usual place.

●        Walk to garden bed and inspect your broccoli plants. Harvest the parts. If you want to harvest the crown and leaves and leave plant for future harvest then skip the stem portion of the harvest. You can sauté any part of the plant.

Main Lesson●        You can eat almost all of the broccoli plant.

●        What is the cruciferous family.

Activity 1●        Sort class into three (or four) groups. Each group will be responsible for creating a snack.

●        Group 1: Harvest the stems of the broccoli plant; sauté in a stir fry with sesame seeds and chopped carrots (or anything you choose, herbs from garden, etc).

●        Group 2:  Harvest the leaves of the plant; wash; cut into 1-2” pieces; toss with olive oil & salt; roast for 15 min. Keep an eye on them so they don’t burn. (see attached recipe)

●        Group 3: Harvest the florets. Have group mix up a dip with your favorite recipe (or see attached). Cut florets into bite-size morsels. Divide dip into 3 or 4 bowls and arrange with florets.

●        Group 4 (optional): Use harvested leaves and blend with fruits and fruit juice or milk of choice.

Activity 2●        Once snacks are prepared have groups take seats.

●        Serve all snacks to all the groups to sample.

Activity 3 (optional)●        Hand out handout for students to work on if there’s time.

●        Or send home as handout.

Cleanup●        Clean up classroom. (Allow 5-8 mins for any cleanup)
Goodbye●        2 minutes to say goodbye
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WorksheetsSee attached.
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