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Becker bobcats have been visiting the bees for the past few weeks. Thank you donors for your generous support and helping out with the hive inspections.

There has been a lot of activity over the summer. Bee robbing (by bees from other colonies) decimated the weaker hive in June. A wax moth infestation weakened it further still. We’ve lost a queen in the process. But some creative hive management and introduction of new bees and a new queen have brought the population back up. Our struggling hive is beginning to stabilize. Bobcat support is ensuring that the hives thrive.

Freddy Mercury’s hive is doing well. We’ll be holding a drawing to name the queen of our recovering hive in October. Make sure to name some bees to bee included in the new queen naming drawing.

Here are a few of our junior Becker Beeks (short for beekeeper) helping us make sure that the queen is laying and the workers have a strong work force.

To name a bee or two or twenty (yes, 20!), send bee name(s), kid name(s), and donations via Venmo@GreenClassroom-Treasurer or PayPal at You or your child’s name will be included in drawing to name the next queen!

General donations of $40 or more will get you an invite to assist in a hive inspection. This season we can schedule five more inspections. Include your contact information in your message and specify BEES to ensure your donation goes to the right place. Donate via Venmo @GreenClassroom-Treasurer or PayPal at

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