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November in Central Texas, the most wonderful time of the year! The mornings are cool and the days are bright, spending hours outside without sweating, and maybe needing a light sweater at night, just perfect! One of the best parts about Fall in Austin are the beautiful leaves that change from green to red, orange and yellow, and if you are lucky, you’ll find some spectacular ones! My favorite place to see this natural transformation is along the water’s edge of Lady Bird Lake. You can look out from the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge all the way to Mopac and see colors that would amaze any nature lover. From jumping in leaf piles to watching them fall from trees, leaves bring joy to everyone in some shape or form. Below you will find links to some leaf investigation lessons to spark even more interest! Happy raking!

Leaf Investigation PreK-1st Grade and Leaf Chromatography 3rd-5th Grade

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