Becker Garden Gala Success

We just had the most magical night in our garden!!!! It was an incredible team of people who pulled this off. No matter what came up, someone in our Bobcat community stepped up to ensure it was a success. Thank you to all of you that were able to give. Our hearts are full of love.

And whether you made the event or not the question that bubbled through the school and throughout the event was….TopChefEventPostersEspanol

So, which team was worthy of the prize aprons these Bobcats had been honing their skills to earn?  I mean, the answer to that question was EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.


As I snuck around to capture shots you could hear serious discussions about how to balance out the flavors. These guys knew their stuff!

but there could be only one.

The teams working on their salsas with the goal to balance the taste and wow our judges. The excitement and tenacity of these kids was amazing!!!! Thanks to our own Diane Grodek, Principal Valerie Borchers, The City Watershed Department’s Jessica Wilson, and Lenoir’s Melissa Moss for taking on the difficult job of choosing a winning team. Talk about tough decisions….

We can’t thank Whole Foods Market enough for sponsoring the Bobcat Top Chef event.

Team ‘Never Enough Salsa’ took home the prize. Jefe Chefe guest Judge Diane Grodek announced a leading reason being their creative use of sunflower seeds and the consistency of the dip itself. We couldn’t be prouder of Monica Champion’s students.

There was too much goodness to capture in one post and too many people to thank for all of their hard efforts. I can’t believe the love and support of our Becker Community.

Please come visit our garden! We love sharing our space with our Bobcat Community!

Click here to see photos from across the entire event! Thank you to everyone that helped make it a success.

And go thank our sponsors that get how important it is for our children to receive an early education in sustainability, healthy lifestyles, and our environmental impact. Didn’t catch them at the top of this post? Well in case your fingers are too fatigued to scroll on up, here they are again. If you would like to help us continue to dream even bigger about what we can do, you can donate easily via this PayPal link right now.


We hope to see you all in the Green Classroom where our Becker Bobcats bloom.




Getting into the Garden Gala Groove…

Oh my goodness! The 2015-2016 school year has been a time of explosive growth both in our garden and as an organization.
Clockwise from top left: (1)Alfaro’s Kinder Class adds a Scarecrow to protect our growth; (2) chard and kale growing tall in Champion’s 4th grade space; (3) Our rogue squash giving us  unexpected harvest; (4) Chocolate cherry tomato production kicking up in Pylant’s 2nd grade class; (5) One of many romanesco cauliflower heads from Sanz Blanco’s 1st grade plot.
In fact we are so impressed with everything our Bobcats have done under the guidance of our top notch volunteers it seemed like it would be a travesty not to invite all of our supporters in to nibble on greens and admire our progress. So……


Please join us for an evening of fun on Friday May 13, 2016 as we celebrate all that our Bobcats have grown in our own unique Green Classroom! Get down to some of our favorite Bobcat entertainment acts and snag a taco from Cool Beans eatery  and Thai Fresh while you get crafty at our maker stations or get hip on how to turn your kitchen scraps into black gold via vermicomposting. Its the Global Worming Movement, y’all.

Umami what? 

Our Bobcat Top Chef contestants will show off all they have learned this year on balancing the five basic tastes at the highlight of our Gala. The competitors have been honing their skills with training by their fantastic 3rd grade teacher and slow cooking advocate Monica Champions…and an abundance of patience exhibited from their families as they leave kitchens in a state of explosion from whipping  up concoctions in practice for the final event. Thanks guys. We can’t wait to see how they wow our judging panel led by our own Principal, Valerie Borchers. 


Excitement too much to contain? 

Us too! Put all that energy to good use and volunteer here: 

Everything we do is via our amazing community  of volunteers and donations. Thanks to those of you that are supporting us.


We couldn’t do it without you.

We have the best community!

We timidly reached out to our surrounding Austin community and the support given has been uplifting. We can’t say thank you enough to our sponsors.
Want to help us reach our goal? Donations accepted via PayPal, or contact Samantha Hooten at 210-445-6277 or Marni Mees at 512-619-7504 for sponsorship opportunities.

Friday, May 13th 5:30-7:30PM

at the Becker Green Classroom.

We can’t wait to let our garden pride shine.

Want to know more about what goes on in our garden? Take a look at this great video!